4 Factors You Should Consider When Buying Used Wood Pallets

30 Nov by marshalladm

4 Factors You Should Consider When Buying Used Wood Pallets

Wooden pallets are primarily used for transporting heavy items and shipping and storing products. Their cost can quickly add up and burn a hole in your pocket, which is why purchasing used ones is a more cost-effective and sustainable solution. If you are considering used wood pallets for sale, look for companies that throw them […]
20 Nov by marshalladm

A Quick Guide to Wooden Crates – What You Need to Know

Wooden crates are essentially large shipping containers, which are used to transport heavy, large, and unevenly sized materials. These crates are especially important during the shipping process, especially since companies need to consider their product needs, cost of transportation, and of course, the shipping conditions.  Certain factors can affect the shipping methods, which include the […]
18 Nov by marshalladm

The Pros & Cons of New and Recycled Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are standard in the warehousing and commercial industries. They are essential in storing products and transporting them effectively and efficiently to save space with improved accessibility. While many large enterprises invest in brand new pallets each time they conduct business, these can often be a bit costly to sustain for smaller enterprises.  Choosing […]
3 Nov by marshalladm

Hardwood vs Softwood Pallets – Which should you choose?

If you’ve been eyeing using wooden pallets for your project, you must first know what type of pallet you need. There are two types of pallets you can choose from. One is hardwood, which people frequently encounter, and the other is softwood. They look the same in appearance, but they differ in many ways. This […]
23 Oct by marshalladm

4 Reasons Why Wooden Pallets are Safe for Transporting Food

There’s a reason why wooden pallets are ubiquitous in the food transportation and distribution industries. These implements are capable of protecting all sorts of goods, from fresh produce and animal meat to processed and canned food items.  When appropriately used, wooden pallets are incredibly versatile, reliable, and affordable. While alternative materials, like plastic cartons, are […]
16 Oct by marshalladm

5 Common Mistakes of Pallet Packaging

A pallet is a flat structure that serves as a base for a unit load. It is a structural foundation that allows for efficient handling and proper storage of goods in the supply chain. Products in a shipping container are typically placed on a pallet tightly secured with strapping. Pallet packaging isn’t a light work […]
9 Oct by marshalladm

Protect Your Pallets from Mold

If you’re part of the food industry, there are times when you’ll need to transport your goods. An ideal form of packaging, which is cost-effective and sustainable, are wood pallets. Although they are practical, they have a dangerous enemy and it is mold. Mold is one of the greatest enemies of wood because it multiplies […]
2 Oct by marshalladm

5 Important Strategies for Safe Handling of Wooden Pallets

Among the top causes of injuries in warehouses and industrial storage spaces are accidents involving wooden pallets. Fully stocked pallets are heavy, and can cause intense crush injuries and even fatalities if not stored or transported correctly. Wooden pallets can splinter and break, causing cuts, grazes, and abrasions if mishandled or improperly built.  To that […]
25 Sep by marshalladm

3 Surprising Facts About Wood Pallets You Need to Know

Seen everywhere, from farms to grocery stores, the wooden pallet is an ubiquitous item in the United States. The chances are that you have one lying around in your garage; in fact, your bookshelf or bench may have even started its life as a wooden pallet! Wooden pallets are so in demand that the Institute […]
21 Sep by marshalladm

Advantages and Drawbacks of Three Common Types of Pallets

While the pallets you use in logistics can seem insignificant, they play a vital role in many activities, from transportation to warehousing. While the primary purpose of a pallet has been to protect materials and items from one place to another, the real advantage they offer is the ability for forklifts and other machinery to […]