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19 Apr by marshalladm

What You Need to Know About Shipping Your Beer Using Pallets

While the production side of beer brewing gets most of the attention, people fail to recognize the importance of the logistics aspect of the brewing business. Now, when it comes to logistics, there are only a few things that are more important than pallets. Pallets are one of the most common methods of shipping just […]
9 Apr by marshalladm

How You Can Transport Products Safely in Wooden Crates

Shipping products from one point to another always comes with risks. Yet, there are things one can do to minimize that risk and ensure the safety of their items. For instance, the use of wooden crates is an excellent solution. Wooden crates are typically lightweight and inexpensive, making them ideal for transporting products, especially agricultural […]
2 Apr by marshalladm

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Wood Pallets

If you are handling a business that transports goods, you need a valuable resource to carry the load for hassle-free assembly, storage, and delivery. While you can use plastic pallets, they are not ideal because they can sometimes melt or get glued to your products. Instead,  use wood pallets to ensure your products’ smooth transportation […]
29 Mar by marshalladm

4 Effective Ways to Tell if Your Pallet Rack Needs Repairs

People assume that identifying and addressing rack damage is straightforward. All you do is spot a damaged pallet rack and then go about repairing or replacing it, right? In an ideal world, that would be the case.  However, damage occurs at different levels, and knowing which rack needs repairing or replacing can be quite challenging. […]
23 Mar by marshalladm

3 Ways to Distinguish Kiln Drying and Heat Treatment

When dealing with lumber and wood packaging, it often has to be dry and sterilized to prevent any damage from the goods in it, keeping it safe until it’s delivered. The definition and concept of kiln drying and heat treatment are jumbled together when we talk about treating lumber and wood production. The confusion is […]
12 Mar by marshalladm

The 3 Different Ways You Can Utilize Wooden Pallets

If you’re familiar with wooden pallets but don’t quite know what you need them for, it’s important to understand that they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and uses. You can find them in the market sold at fair prices due to their range of applications. Besides that, you can rest assured knowing that […]
8 Mar by marshalladm

The Most Notable Pallet Trends to Expect This 2021

Pallets are useful transport structures that keep all goods in stable condition. This is particularly evident now that the COVID-19 pandemic has made most businesses resort to online selling, which requires the shipping of items from one place to another. If you have a business that relies on pallets for safe delivery, it would be […]
1 Mar by marshalladm

Understanding the Environmental Benefits of Pallet Recycling

Recycling items is a great way to cut down on costs while providing an eco-friendly solution to materials ending up in landfills. This also helps develop human creativity by challenging people to create something new out of nothing. Pallet recycling has recently become a great solution to the industrial wood waste problem.  What are Pallets? […]
19 Feb by marshalladm

How to Optimize Your New Pallets

When it comes to packaging solutions, pallets are considered to be excellent materials, as they provide a structural foundation for goods meant to be handled, transported, stored, and delivered in the supply chain. Typically, products are wrapped and stacked in a container, and the boxes are then put on pallets allowing products to be seamlessly […]
12 Feb by marshalladm

A Guide to Utilizing Wooden Pallets for Your Business

At present, supply chains worldwide are having a challenging time meeting their clients’ needs due to the rapid pace of the expansion of global markets. Product storage units and logistics companies have to keep up with demands and make sure shipping and delivery solutions exceed customer expectations. Simultaneously, all kinds of businesses offering their products […]