Wood Pallets

New Pallets for Sale in Tomball, TX

When you need worry-free storage, it’s tough to beat new pallets. However, it’s not always easy to find a local Tomball, TX, provider when you run out.

Tomball Pallet Co. offers a range of quality containers every day. Whether you need them for your business or at home, choose us for them all.

Even if you need an irregular size, we can help you the best. Choose us for your new wood pallets and other industrial storage containers. Whether you deliver products or stock shelves, we have the best options available. Contact us to begin your order for quality wood pallets at affordable pricing.

The Best New Pallets Tomball, TX

One reason why local business owners prefer our pallets is because of our flexible service. We don’t require a minimum order or strict contracts.

You can choose us for one-time orders, bi-weekly, weekly, and monthly options. We also carry both standard dimensions and offer customized sizing.

Whatever new pallets you need the most, we provide them at lower costs. We guarantee you won’t find a better choice for shipping containers around. Why buy more units than you need right now when we offer flexible ordering? When you order through us, we do what we can to keep your costs low.

Order New Pallets

When you take your products seriously, you keep them in durable new pallets. Nothing else offers lasting peace of mind.

Order from Tomball Pallet Co. for storage containers and affordable pricing.

Used Pallets for Sale in Tomball, TX

Sure, a new set of containers is nice, but they aren’t always affordable. Instead, a quality batch of used pallets will get the job done.

However, it takes the right Tomball, TX, supplier to find products you can trust. Otherwise, you only see your shipments ruined in transport.

At Tomball Pallet Co., we only sell used pallets that we know will last. When you require durable containers at lower costs, we always have you covered.

No matter what dimensions of pallets you need, we carry them all. We even offer custom sizing for safer storage for any items you have.

The Best Tomball, TX, Used Pallets

Unlike other things, wood pallets can be used indefinitely, and often with the same results. It isn’t until they get completely worn out that they no longer are safe.

When you choose a local supplier like us, it means that we are testing each one. If it doesn’t perform as a new one would, we don’t offer it for sale.

Best of all, we offer flexible ordering with no required minimums. We can even deliver them weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or whenever you need them.

If you don’t see the dimensions you need, we’re happy to build them for you. See why area businesses turn to us for all their new and used pallets.

Order Used Pallets Now

Don’t waste time searching for tossed out pallets when we offer quality ones. Choose Tomball Pallet Co. for affordable pricing every day.

Remanufactured Pallets in Tomball, TX

One question everyone has is how trustworthy are used shipping pallets? When you need lasting durability and affordable prices, choose remanufactured pallets.

These products offer the best of both worlds, performing like new at lower costs. Why? It’s because they are built from other wood pallets, so you can avoid higher prices.

Tomball Pallet Co. is your reliable choice throughout Tomball, TX. No matter what shipping containers you need the most, we carry them all.

When you need repeat orders, we offer flexible shipments and pricing each time. Whatever the reason for your purchase, we guarantee better performance for any size.

Why Buy Remanufactured Pallets?

Wood is a material that eventually breaks down from use and results in splits. However, for the most part, much of the container is still reusable.

Even if the primary slats are damaged, they can easily be replaced. Buying a remanufactured pallet from the right dealer saves you tons in costs.

Each unit is thoroughly inspected before sending it out. This ensures that it will hold up. No matter the task, it’s the highest quality of used pallets you can find.

Before you buy a brand-new set, you can enjoy like-new durability at lower costs. Give your home or business quality storage containers for any products or equipment.

The Best Remanufactured Pallets Near Me Tomball, TX

When others throw out their used pallets, we see a better opportunity. We have the technology to rebuild containers to like-new again.

Order quality wood pallets now from Tomball Pallet Co.

Heat Treated Lumber (HT) Pallets in Tomball, TX

Although all shipping containers are built for durability, some offer more safety than others. Heat treated lumber(HT) is a must for anyone dealing with international clients.

Wood is sourced from outdoor farms, and trees are susceptible to pests and diseases. Without heating these pallets to 140 degrees, you run the risk of spreading those pests.

At Tomball Pallet Co., we ensure every container is treated to industry standards. No matter what you ship or where it goes, we guarantee pallets free from harmful hitchhikers.

Not every company has the equipment needed to keep your products safer. You can feel confident that you can always rely on our inventory for heat treated lumber.

Why (HT) Heat Treated Lumber for Your Pallets?

The reason why a fever isn’t always a bad thing is because it helps kill bacteria. Most germs are comfortable around 100 degrees, making people ideal hosts.

However, diseases can also cling to a surface, where it is shared easily. At 140 degrees, though, most germs will die off.

Heat treated lumber bakes at this heat for half an hour, leaving the wood sterile. Very few bugs, larvae, or bacteria can survive that process, which makes them safer.

When you need to know your shipping containers are free from germs, buy from us. We carry quality heat treated lumber products for any dimensions required.

Heat Treated Lumber Pallets Tomball, TX

Not all containers are safe enough for international shipping needs. Buy the best heat-treated wood pallets around with Tomball Pallet Co.

Replacement Parts/Cut Stock Pallets in Tomball, TX

Some people may see a broken pallet and only think of it as trash or firewood. However, the right replacement parts and cut stock can create quality containers.

With so many different industries in the Tomball, TX area, you can always find pieces. It’s knowing the best wood pallet provider that makes the difference.

Tomball Pallet Co. offers a range of storage containers made from reusing components. In the end, you receive a durable, like-new wood pallet that performs great.

No matter what you need to store or ship in your container, it stays safe. Even if you need an irregular-sized wood pallet, we can serve you best.

Best Replacement Parts/Cut Stock Wood Pallets

A used wood pallet is only as good as the components used in making it. When companies only offer worn splintered containers, they won’t last long.

We build your pallets out of durable materials that are tested for quality. Once made, they look and perform like new ones at lower costs.

We can even build them to specific sizing and dimensions for your customized needs. When no one carries the sizes you need the most, we make them instead.

You don’t have to buy expensive new pallets when you order from us. Find the shipping containers you need at affordable pricing.

Replacement Parts/Cut Stock Pallets

Not every pallet supplier has the right containers for your products. Choose the best selection in Tomball, TX, with Tomball Pallet Co.